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  1. Will do. Thank you. You take care and have a good one yourself.
  2. So far nothing yet. They don't pop up periodically, hard to say.
  3. I've made the changes appropriately. Thank you for your help.
  4. SecurityCheck.txtFixlog.txt Okay, I've attached them as requested. Thanks.
  5. Hi @AdvancedSetup, AdwCleaner[C00].txtFRST - Copy (3).txtMalwarebytes scan.txtAddition.txt Regarding the FRST run, note that the FRST file produced gets deleted automatically every time it completes the scan. I've tried to take a copy of the most updated one before it gets deleted here.
  6. RTP9.txtRTP7.txtRTP8.txtRTP6.txtRTP5.txtRTP4.txtRTP3.txtRTP2.txtRTP1.txt I seem to be getting quite a few RTP alerts. I'm not observing properly when do these occur exactly, but it might be when I restart my pc. Is there any advice on what I should do? I tried scanning my computer for any virus and malware, nothing shows up.
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