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  1. Just upgraded to Window 10, about 30 days ago, my laptop became infected. The machine was running the free version of Avast and the Premium version of Malwarebytes. Now that I think about… I may have forgot to whitelist the software. However, this setup ran successfully for many years, on multiple Windows 7 installations in our home. It quickly became apparent the machine was infected because it was not functioning like normal. I was able to remove the hard drive and insert it into an external dock. I grabbed a Window 7 machine to salvage my data. Luckily, I was able to transfer everything I wanted to a usb drive. However, the host machine I was using also became infected although I turned off all the auto-run features before powering up the infected drive. While I was transferring the data to the usb drive, I looked around a little… it looked like that my Avast had been disabled and my Malwarebytes was deactivated. I don’t recall setting a password on either program… Neither program ever detected the malicious software and everything was up to date as far as I can remember. I just purchased a new hd and reinstalled Windows 10 and downloaded McAfee Total Protection, this time instead of Avast, on the original machine that became infected. Is someone available to help me determine what happened? Also, I could use some assistance in validating that my usb drive is clean before I attempt to transfer the data to new hard drive. Please let me know if I should install Malwarebytes Premium on the new hard drive. At this point… I do not know if these programs play well together. Thanks, BDFJ
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