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  1. Thank you for your response. I have now bookmarked that address. Donna
  2. I have tried contacting support but doing so is virtually impossible to find. This is most frustrating. Its been going on for over a year. I will contact support.. Thank you for your help.
  3. Every time I get a threat report, you always tell me I have 1 license available. I have used all that I have purchased. I have activated all my devices yet one is always managed to be lost. It's usually my phone, but you surprised me today by losing my tablet. What has to be done to insure my licenses are not lost and all my devices are protected?
  4. For as much money as I pay for all the accounts I have, it would be nice to be able to email a support person instead of waiting for the "Community" or someone else to answer. This is frustrating, aggravating, and sometimes, you never get an answer. I think it's unconscionable that you don't have live support at least via email.
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