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  1. I haven't changed any settings in Malwarebytes Premium in months, yet for the first time today (September 9, 2021) the automatic Threat Scan suddenly flagged my old copy of the Computer Algebra System, Maple 18, which has been installed since 2014. The last update to that version was made way back in 2015, and neither this version nor my 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021 versions have ever been flagged before, even with Use Expert System Algorithms enabled and weekly scans scheduled. So something must have changed in Malwarebytes Version:, Components Version: 1.0.1413, Update Package Version: 1.0.4, that doesn't like Maple 18's Uninstaller file? If someone can add this file and its corresponding Registry Key to your White List when you have the time, many thanks in advance. Malwarebytes 4.4.4 False Positive of Maple 18.txt
  2. After installing the new QuarkXPress 2021 (version 17.0.0), with Use Expert System Algorithms enabled, scans now yield a false positive of Malware.Heuristic.1003 for C:\PROGRAMDATA\QUARK\QAUDUMP\QUARK UPDATE.MSI in Malwarebytes 4.4.0 and 4.4.2. A couple of weeks ago I had a similar issue with Corel Video Studio involving Malware.Heuristic.1001 and Quark's Updater utility being flagged with Malware.Heuristic.1003. After Senior Research Engineer, Rich Matteo, whitelisted those files I uploaded on June 10th, they stopped getting flagged. I am curious if Quark's anti-piracy measures are engaging in excessive monitoring activity that may be perceived as malicious? False Positive Malware.Heuristic.1003 for QuarkXPress 2021.zip
  3. After enabling Use Expert System Algorithms, Threat Scans now yield false positives of Malware.Heuristic.1001 in C:\Windows\Installer for Corel Video Studio Pro and Malware.Heuristic.1003 for InstallShield Blank Project Template. Additionally, Malwarebytes Premium also gives false positives of Malware.Heuristic.1003 for QuarkXPress' Updater in C:\ProgramData\Quark. I am not sure if this is due to excessively invasive copy protection schemes being employed by both Corel Corporation and Quark, or overly zealous heuristics in Malwarebytes? 1938753306_FalsePostivesonCorelQuarkfiles.zip
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