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  1. Hi Kevin, I believe this is the most up to date log. Thanks, Frank Fixlog.txt
  2. I ran the fix from the steps provided. What log would you want me to provide the msert again? -Frank
  3. Okay no problem here are the scans. My computer seems to be running a lot better and is no longer loud when it is Idle and I am no longer getting the strange error pop up before I open chrome of Microsoft Edge. Appreciate the help, If there looks like there is still a problem let me know Thanks, Flicks Addition.txt FRST.txt msert.log
  4. Looks like Im finally not getting the weird error before i open a browser anymore so that might of worked but im waiting for it to reinstall its self hopefully its gone for good! Thanks a lot I'm gonna continue to monitor anything that happens
  5. Thank you Here is the fixlog that you want and Date_Time.zip. I also have a scan i did with malware bytes right before i turned on my pc this morning which showed even more detections than usual. Fixlog.txt 10_06.2021_09_57.03.zip malwarelog3.txt
  6. Here is a log from malwarebytes After removing the files from last scan. 6 still reappearing. And they effect both edge and chrome. Shows weird extensions. log3.txt
  7. Appreciate the help Kevin Here is the last adwcleaner log as well AdwCleaner[S11].txt
  8. I sent the Malwarebytes text above. Here is the logs for the recovery tool. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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