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  1. This also was because I wasn't able to report it at that exact moment (life stuff), but I already contacted him, now I'm just waiting for him to see my messages and receive an answer back. I'll let you know..
  2. Exactly, and I can also understand how much difficulties he currently has, after his first LTD launch the LTD market (which is usually very demanding) had provided a lot of feedback and features requests that he takes in consideration, so he has said that he is full of work right now, I just wish this blocking removal process could be done more quickly-easily since it is also affecting me and my client, plus also we have already invested on this platform and have created crucial forms for our business, so of course, passing through this situation doesn't feels well at all.
  3. So I will pass all these links to the developer for him to take some action on this, Thanks.
  4. I tried to correct my typos but didn't find an option to edit my comment, (at least not from mobile).
  5. Seems you're not understanding me well enough, I don't even use the MalwareBytes extension, I need my forms and the ones from my client to work for any user that includes any user having MalwareBytes, that's why I installed the extension to reproduce the issue some others were having, it is not about me, it is about all the users that impacts this and can't access my forms nor the ones from my client, and even worst, showing a block that make others thing my forms and the ones from my client are malicious... I'm also a developer, so in any case I don't tend to focus on me isolated case (refering to those approaches on whitelisting...where nothing gets solved), but on approachings that don't impact my users/visitors/leads, same case for my client involved here.
  6. I've talked with the developer before, he was aware of this issue and I let him know about the blocking removal, he doesn't know that there're a few urls doing phishing, he's only one person behind this platform and has said that after the LTD launch there're a lot of feature requests he's working on, so it has been very busy with all those. Again, I don't need to contact him through that email since I already have a thread conversation with him in the Intercom widget. From my side I need this block to be removed, he got very happy when I told him back before that it wasn't going to be blocked anymore, but suddenly the block started to appear once again...
  7. That's sad to know... However, in any case not because these persons are doing this, the rest of us should be penalized... Specially when we paid to use this platform and is crucial for our business to have it working without any problem... Plus in my case I also have a client who paid for this platform as well, and I already created 6 complex forms for her business with NativeForms. So I think all these urls should be passed to the developer for him to flag those and/or suspend the accounts, instead of penalizing all of us just because a few doing this... I can pass this list to him, but please, don't penalize the rest of us who also bought this tool, I need my forms working for any user without issues...
  8. Ok, this is really weird... It is working in Incognito only, BUT I'm pretty sure I've cleared everything... I started with specific cookies of the site + a hard reload, didn't work, so then I deleted all cookies + hard reload.. same, finally I selected everything to delete from All time (Cookies data, cache, history, etc), every single checkbox, same issue... I even tried with a different browser which wasn't even having the extension, I uninstalled a reinstalled and did the same thing, reproducing the same issue, works in Incognito only (of course I gave Incognito permissions to the extension), I have a technical background and this for real.. seems very weird to me... I never had experienced an issue like this before...
  9. Hello, I previously requested a removal of a false positive blocking, you replied saying that this website no longer qualifies for blocking and so you removed it, after some hours I tested it and everything was working perfect... but now that I entered once again, the block appears again... it seems there was a problem with your database synchronization or something... can you please fix this? The original thread is here: Thank you.
  10. Hello, please remove NativeForms block (hxxps://nativeforms.com), NativeForms is a formal online business that has recently published a LTD of their SAAS and recently it has become more popular than before but some users has already reported in the comments section of SAASMantra (where the LTD was published) of this issue of being blocked by MalwareBytes, I'm purchased this tool and now I'm building a site for a client also using several complex forms with NativeForms, we're planning to publish the site live soon but I obviously need that these forms won't get blocked by MalwareBytes.. also all the similar comments I've read regarding this issue is about MalwareBytes only. Thank you.
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