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  1. Thanks! A few notes: The machine is an HP laptop. It lives on a tilted cooling pad with fans, which I usually operate at level 3 of 6. I do keep it plugged in most of the time when it's in use, which is probably not optimal. I purged the startup & background tasks as much as I could before I started looking for advice. I have a bad habit of leaving the machine in sleep overnight rather than doing a shutdown. Changing that habit! Today I've had Speccy running but NOT Task Manager, no temp issues. IT from my workplace suggests I upgrade to the paid version of Malw
  2. Thanks! I found that one yesterday & I'd already run it before I came to this forum without notable result; log is attached. Oddly, I saw the same behavior most of the afternoon: mysterious CPU use, CPU capacity maxing out, CPU temp way too high. I rebooted an hour ago when I came back to the machine & turned on Speccy but didn't launch Task Manager; the performance & the heat are fine! Maybe Windows is doing this to itself? msert.log
  3. This is probably good if deeply mysterious: I know you recommended against paying attention to Task Manager, but it was still open & now it's not showing anything using more than about 10% of CPU. So either the problem is somehow solved, or it's hiding in some new way...
  4. Hmm. Edge blocked the download because "it might harm your device." Trying on Chrome...
  5. Thanks so much! I'll be starting in a few minutes. I had a cooling issue a while back so I installed Speccy to watch the CPU temp & took to running Task Manager in the background--mostly because I have a bad habit of keeping too many tabs open. Everything I've reported seeing in Task Manager is something that stayed consistent for 10 minutes or more before I acted on it. I saved all my necessary docs last night when I tried the refresh--I'm worried about losing the Word 2013 I've been hanging on to & some other apps, but I'll survive if it comes to that.
  6. My best guess is that some malware is using about 50% of my CPU. When I launched Task Manager, I tried disabling the process that was listed as using the most, but on re-opening Task Manager I found that some other process was reporting insanely high CPU use. I went through that process at least three times. Currently Task Manager is attributing that use to Task Manager itself, so I think I've run out of things to delete! Also tried: Uninstalling & reinstalling Malwarebytes (it got listed as the CPU bandit once) Running Windows Defender Offline Downloading & runn
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