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  1. Update: Issue will be solved through the support so this request could be closed. Thanks.
  2. @AdvancedSetup: No reply till today although i sent a reminder. Could you please check the status? Thanks a lot.
  3. I just did that. Thanks once again. I stated clearly my request to be not confusing.
  4. Please tell them that i don't want my whole account moved but only the license specified in the request. You are too kind as always. My regards for your assistance.
  5. I don't need them to move my whole account only a specific license from my account. They must be very careful. I forgot to mention that.
  6. Thanks for your reply. The license was not purchased but it was won in a contest organised online after a sponsorship from the marketing team. I explained all the details to the support so i am waiting for a reply. Thanks @AdvancedSetup for your reply.
  7. You're perfectly right, that's why i suggested to enable us to do that so that we don't add one more support request to the many. But anyway i got it. You're still awesone for me.
  8. Ok, I will wait. I thought it works instantly. Thanks for your fast reply I wish that support works that way also. 👍 All the best.
  9. I submitted the request last week, then Harry L. answered and asked some details which were supplied on Friday and until now no reply. I need someone to update on the matter and solve my request. As a future suggestion: it wouldn't been better that we can move the licenses by ourselves between different accounts? Thanks again
  10. Transfer the license from one mail to another, meaning one account to a different one. Thanks. I cannot do it that myself, i need the support to do it. It is 2 clicks. 😊
  11. Hello. I opened a ticket number and have not heard back from support although i sent them an update on the ticket. Can you please help me with a rush on the ticket number 3478080. Thanks in advance for your valuable support. PS: I never had any delays in solving my requests before.
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