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  1. Totally agree about safety. Just worry sometimes that companies set all sites to suspicious for commercial gain. Good on you, I'm only 60. Cheers, Nick
  2. Don't worry, I found G-data service and added a false positive explaining you suggested we contact them. But where does malwarebytes get its information to assess sites? Creating worry for people unnecessarily - especially our older audience - is unfair and immoral.
  3. Thank you for that. What is G-data? Google? Our site runs on Google maps and passes all usability tests ... what is G-data about please? Is that the source of data your malware uses to assess site suitability? If so you should let site users know - it was very hard to post a request for removal. Thanks
  4. We are a house share site for over 40 year olds and one of our users has reported that you have listed us as a dangerous site. I do not know what actual research you've done, but we are not and I would appreciate you removing us from your lists as it is unnecessarily scaring people. Take a look at cohabitas and you'll see. Please can you do this asap as we are a not for profit and this is costing us. Thank you.
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