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  1. Salat Recall (a simple open source app to help to remind pyers time for muslims) is detected as Generic.Trojan.Malicious.DDS scanned with virustotal.com source code: https://github.com/armo123/Salat-Recall/ salat-recall-setup.zip (Setup) Salat-Recall.zip (.EXE)
  2. A false positive generated by salat-recall (a vey basic program to help to rember prayers time for muslims) that i creted scanned with virustotal.com with virustotal.com scan result link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8227fcaff134cfae005ab8aff01c2bd4313edfb11b23820030d124ecbbd15b3a/detection it is detected as Generic.Trojan.Malicious.DDS github repo: https://github.com/armo123/Salat-Recall/ I hope it will be removed from detection salat-recall-setup.zip Salat-Recall-EXE-File.zip
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