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  1. Hi, since last update on windows i noticed this curly bracket (see red circle on screenshot) in the elapsed time of manual and scheduled scan is it ok or it's a graphic bug? Thanks
  2. Sorry my fault... It's windows 10 pro 21h1 that run 24/7 a Plex media server
  3. Hi, In your opinion nowadays is it still a good combination? I'm running MS Defender(Folder Access Control Enabled on Plex Media Content, and trust Plex only) + Malwarebytes Premium in a 24/7 Windows 10 Server Plex is it a good combo or a waste of resource? Running both take something about 400 MB RAM Thanks for your opinion Have a nice day
  4. Hi, A few days ago i tried to change my payment method for malwarebytes premium(5 devices) i changed from a visa that expires this year before subscription renewal to a mastercard... did change and click update. back into payment tab on my account ...even after 30 minutes i still saw visa. So i tried to cancel visa I did. Right now in payment tab i have only" This account has no payments" How can i fix this issue, more than 2 days has passed Also, since that, i have a duplicate entry in subscription page tab with same information in both Could you please help me? Didn't have too much luck with support chat though.... Thanks
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