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  1. OK - I guess that will have to do then - thankyou so much for the explanations. Strangely enough, after updating to 1.43 and then using Facebook, there have been no blocks so far!
  2. Thanks for the response - following on from my reply to MysteryFCM, I want to go beyond the annoyance of the prompt - surely the prompt is saying something is wrong. If I wasn't using Malwarebytes and so access wasn't blocked, what would happen. What is it that's being blocked, and why, and what process is trying to access the blocked site, and why? Any answers/guidance/suggestions on how to find the answers would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks again - I'm trying to learn here - does that mean that when I'm using Facebook, Facebook is trying to access dodgy sites without my knowledge/request/permission. I'm trying to get my head around why my computer is trying to access sites that get blocked, and if it IS Facebook that's doing it, why?????
  4. Sorry - but what does that mean? What is the KPN range? Is that range a known and genuine problem? Is there anything about it that relates to Facebook? Do the constant intercepts tell me there is anything wrong with my system? I'd appreciate a more detailed explanation if anyone has time.
  5. When browsing in Facebook I keep getting multiple alerts about Malwarebytes blocking the above IP addresses. It only happens in Facebook Any ideas?
  6. When I try to access www.fincalasalud.com, Malwarebytes blocks it, reporting the above IP address. Can you please confirm if it is indeed a malicious site
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