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  1. sorry for late response. everything is working fine.
  2. here it is.. this time did not came.. mwblog2.txt
  3. i have scan with malwarebytes there i still can see the file msh.exe .. but when i go to the directory there is none.. and i tried to delete through CMD still file not found. but malwarebytes keep showing it . here the log file mwblogg.txt
  4. i have tried to follow your instruction but the file you mention msh.exe is not available in my system anymore so i can not delete with CMD and can not upload on virustotal. is there anything else i can do ?
  5. Thank you it worked . and now i can copy without any interference. i have also attached the log file. Fixlog.txt
  6. sorry file was not uploaded .. now i have attached.. AdwCleaner[C01].txt
  7. i have the log file.. i used windows 10 on my personal laptop.. meaning i m sitting there
  8. i have just followed the step and uploaded the required files. please check Addition.txt FRST.txt mwblog.txt
  9. but i have many remote desktop servers which i need to connect if i follow this i think that gonna not make copy from any remote desktop server .
  10. hey i am having an issue when i try to copy any crypto address and paste it anywhere it change automatic. please help me to fix this. i run malwarebytes scan many time but still this does not fixes yet.
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