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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe it will be the object of a future update who knows.
  2. I knew this but I found it really slow to have to go through "Real-Time Protection" then, "Malware Blocked" and "Malicious sites blocked" open each result then go to "Advanced" tab to get the details and repeat for each records. That is kind of sad there is not "export all" to get all in one report in text file (or whatever).
  3. No Malwarebytes Premium (Home) is my current subscription. But I received "Threat Report" by email (until last December it was monthly, since it seems to be more "random" - one in March, one in May).
  4. Hello everyone 👋 I have 3 computers protected with Premium licenses at home, 1 of them is strictly used by child. Is there any way to a log of the detections that occurs on his computer ? I can get the emails reports but this doesn't give any details on the type of threats blocked. I wish I could monitor this a bit closer, such as is this caused by a file/program/website if so which one ? My goal is to educate him and teach him how to detect possible danger online without relying on the protection software. I haven't been able to find any such parameter in Malwarebytes control panel but I may have miss this (if I did, I missed it 2 or 3 times already and may need your guidance). Hope you can advise :) S.
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