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  1. Hello. I wonder if it has something to do with the changes I have been making regarding MB and the previous suggestions, but since yesterday I am not able to connect to Telegram app any longer with the normal settings I have been running for past months. It's 'Loading..' but doesn't connect. Even the automatic update didn't work, so I downloaded the latest version manually, but it didn't solve the issue. I am able to connect to it when I enable Windscribe VPN (which I re-installed since it uses some elements of OpenVPN which we previously removed). As soon as I turn Windscribe off, T
  2. Hello. Not a lot of rush with it, thank you for the advice. I have opened a ticket, the nr. is #3484217 Thank you!
  3. Hello. I have checked and removed some of the above mentioned programs. FGuard should be up to date (don't see old file in that folder). DPAgent seems to be part of HP installed software, related to DigitalPersona and fingerprint reader (although my laptop doesn't have one). CSR software is for USB Bluetooth radio device, installed by me. Irrelevant VPN services removed, DNSCrypt is in daily use due to current geolocation, Windscribe for instances where former cannot perform. I do not have knowledge about the Restrictions/Policies that were listed. Where I find those and what do
  4. Hello. Thank you very much for the analysis. Few of the items I know about, the rest I need to research as they are not something that come to mind. I installed the OS back in 2014 and there can definitely be some older stuff in it. I will check through each of the listed items when I have some time for it. Thank you!
  5. Hello. Just did as instructed above. CLEAN install with the Support tool (all other programs closed). Restarted. Turned off web protection. Opened Firefox.. took solid 10 seconds to open the browser to begin with. All previously opened tabs were blank without urls. Any tab that I click on first takes about 10 seconds before it becomes active and loads the page (url appears then as well). Similar behavior seems to be with the new empty tab where Firefox keeps the list of most visited pages. That didn't load either until it took a while. Once a tab has loaded after initial 'freeze' it
  6. Hello. Finally had a moment of time to try this. I removed/updated Folder Guard and have been able to run MB at the moment without another BSOD. Few restarts have been normal as well. I do need Folder Guard though, so at the moment both are in 'probe phase' to see if additional issues come up. Aside from this, as I turned off the web protection and didn't install Broswer Guard, for some reason the browser tabs take way too long to load up. When I open the browser with previously opened tabs, first it doesn't even show any url or anything in most tabs.. takes about 10+ seconds after i
  7. Hello. Thank you! I have removed Surfshark as I don't use it anyway. Will disable Web protection and upload memory dump if BSOD happens again. Thank you for the tips right now.
  8. Hello. After purchasing MB Premium version just yesterday, I have had about 10 BSOD crashes, something that hasn't happened for a looong time before that. I have had MB free version on the laptop for a while, without any issues. Was using SpyBot before and wanted to try out this software full version with yearly license. After already bunch of BSOD's yesterday, I removed my previous Spybot installation, cleaned the system (CCleaner) and re-installed Malwarebytes. After some clunky web browsing, decided to restart the computer. BAM, another BSOD middle of shutting down
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