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  1. Done! Thanks for all your help, all problems solved! I was wondering if now malwarebytes its going to detect the malware i had or not in other machines ?
  2. Hello ! when you say "please search your google chrome" how do i do that? i'd rather no reset it the sync if this step can be bypassed, should i search in the registry? explorer? chrome config? kinda lost here! Thanks
  3. Almost three hours and no sign of the malware, im so grateful! Just curious, now that you solved my problem, malwarebytes will be updated so it can detect this malware next time? Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Updated fixlog! I'll be monitoring if it is solved and keep you posted! Fixlog.txt
  5. Before this i ran Microsoft Safet Scanner with this results msert.log
  6. I tried now with hitman pro and this are the results, may this conhost.exe be the malware? HitmanPro_20210528_1515.log
  7. Hello i tried a few hours ago Este online scanner and no threats were found! Thanks in advance for the reply
  8. Here is the log and as im writing this malware bytes detected a new attempt of outgoing connection, Fixlog_28-05-2021 14.38.19.txt logmalware.txt
  9. thanks for the reply! here is all ! AdwCleaner[C01].txt malwarebytes.txt Addition_28-05-2021 11.19.57.txt FRST_28-05-2021 11.19.57.txt
  10. Hello there, i installed malware bytes yesterday and hours later started to notify and blocking outbound connnections made by explorer.exe mostly russian websites or porn. I stopped explorer.exe and monitored all connections via netstat and they seemed to stopped, but how do i fix explorer exe? it's clear some malware it's in the pc. Any help will be appreciated! Any log i should submit, i´m new to all this! Windows 10 here.
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