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  1. Hi Maurice, PFA the log requested. Regards, T SecurityCheck.txt
  2. Hi Maurice, I checked my personal file and they all seem to be in their original condition. None encrypted. Are there are any special extensions I should look out for? PFA the requested log. Regards, T MB log.txt
  3. Hi Maurice, PFA the requessted attachment. Regards, T Fixlog.txt
  4. Hi Maurice, PFA for the logs requested by you. Sophos gave me a clean bill. Regards, T Addition.txt FRST.txt SophosVirusRemovalTool.log
  5. I don't have PUPs turning up in the scans anymore. And there aren't any specific file names. But there are _readme.txt in those folders. Screenshot of my BIOS folder and the ransomnote Regards, T _readme.txt
  6. Hi Maurice, I do have some news. A breath of relief for now. From the time of my reply to now I was on the hunt for the root cause of the malware re-appearing. I went on to task manager and i found an unknown application running in the backgroud- 5Kplayer or something (it didn't turn up in my control panel btw). I clicked on it to take me to its location, in the Windows folder under PublicGaming, and there was hiding a prun.exe. Once I deleted it (though I was worried if it was important), all the malware stopped entering once I connected to the internet and it has been a few hours since I have gotten any. I ran scans on the said folder and exe prior to deleting, but nothing turned up, said it was safe. I also did run a scan using Microsoft Safety scanner- It told me 31 files were infected and showed a Hacktool.AutoKms Now I'm not sure if my system is completey clean or not. I'm still paranoid to attach and USBs or devices. I'm still going to run the scans you have mentioned to see if something more turns up. Regards, T
  7. Hi Maurice, I ran the tool as adivised and said there was no requirement of a cleanup. Unfortunately I still keep getting pings of malware when I connect to the internet. I would like to point out that none of my personal files are encrypted and I have only been left with ransom notes in BIOS, $WinREAgent, OneDrive Temp and Reimage folders in my Windows C. Besides that my PC is responding slower than before. Regards, T mbar-log-2021-05-28 (10-56-48).txt system-log.txt
  8. report.txtHi Maurice, PFA for 2 reports- "Report" has no detections and is a recent report. Whereas "Report with rootkit identified" is of a scan done prior to "Report". I'd like to point out that eventhough the recent report shows a clean bill, the problem still perisists. Regards, T report with root kit identified.txt
  9. Hi Maurice, Thanks for your reply. PFA of the file you have requested. Regards, T mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. After every scan I find new pups and when I connect back to the internet, the malware comes back again. I've tried adwcleaner and rootkit remover too. It's just leaving. Please help. Short of a breakdown.
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