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  1. Okay, so it appears I was sold a computer that didn't have a legitimate copy of Windows on it. I will deal with that person and make them buy me a legit copy of windows to reinstall. I'm more concerned NOW with the fact that you're telling me that MWB doesn't update properly because of those two files you mentioned and now I'm concerned where my data is going. I'm also concerned you're calling them infections but your program never picked them up as such. The machine has been working flawlessly in all other aspects except this ongoing problem with these updates. Your direction here definitely belabors the question: Does Malwarebytes contact Microsoft licensing servers when doing an update? What kind of information is shared with Microsoft if so? Privacy is important to me. If it isn't shared with MS, then how can this possibly affect the fact that I've seen repeated times on 3 different computers that this issue happens? The computers always run great. This is the only thing there is ever a problem with. Spinning forever and not reenabling Real Time protection until I remove MWB completely and reinstall it. And why are other people now responding to this ticket saying they will forward it to the "Windows experts?"
  2. Okay I just updated my other computer at a different location, and it's fine and did not give me this issue this time. But did several times in the past. I have no idea what factor may be causing this.
  3. I'm not sure I know what you mean by "infected by a hack designed to pirate Windows." This makes no sense. Why wouldn't malwarebytes pick up something like this? You are saying my computer is compromised but this is the first I heard of anything, so WTH is going on? I use Windows Security which should be fine and I use Malwarebytes Premium and these don't pick up something? This is just great.
  4. Okay so I see there why it was blocked, typo on that URL. So you can disregard that part only. All the rest is still completely what's happening and completely unacceptable.
  5. In the last 6 months, only ONE TIME have our machines NOT required us to completely uninstall Malwarebytes with the support tool and reinstall it to make Real Time protection come back on after an update. Three different machines, same BS. I am strongly considering contacting the FTC about your practices. RTP DOES NOT STAY ENABLED AFTER UPDATES PUTTING ME AT GREAT RISK AND FORCING ME TO COMPLETELY REINSTALL THE PROGRAM. This is a very well known issue. And when even trying to go to your site to start this complaint, I got blocked by your own damned program!! (I sent screen shots to support about this fiasco). AFTER 15 minutes, AFTER a restart, AFTER the update, the RTP is just spinning and refuses to enable, and this has become the NORM after updates. This is completely infuriating that I have to go through this nonsense for a supposedly reputable app and that I have to go through it on nearly every update on three different machines. I have recommended MWB to many people and have probably signed up 10 new customers for your paid version in the last year or two. THEY aren't gonna know that RTP isn't enabled for them after an update, they are novices! They are not protected, and your company should have their pants SUED OFF for this issue. I most certainly won't be paying you any more for this nonsense. This has just totally irritated me too many times, like uh, TEN in the last year or so. BECAUSE UPDATES JUST DON'T WORK TO REENABLE RTP. Good god, fire the DIPS doing your updates and get some people who know what they're doing and STOP THIS NONSENSE. I'm done with you.
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