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  1. Thank you very much for helping me out and have a nice day.
  2. No I haven’t gotten any alerts but I have a question about the GroupPolicy: Restriction ? <==== ATTENTION Policies: C:\ProgramData\NTUSER.pol: Restriction <==== ATTENTION I noticed that when the scan finished and the files opened that one of the things I noticed on the frst scan
  3. ok here is the log for patch my pc and I ran a frst scan just incase to see if everything went well. PatchMyPC.log FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. here you go and I dont remember downloading cpuz so not sure why its on my system and those files i couldnt find them anymore might of gotten deleted or something. msert.log
  5. Here you go FRST.txt Addition.txt AdwCleaner[S02].txt malwarebytes.txt
  6. Bad luck just seems to follow me around I got help here a couple of days ago and everything went well and windows defender just notifies me that It found Trojan:BAT/Starter.G!lnk and I was confused because my main virus protection is malwarebytes and I dont know why it didnt tell me it found something before windows defender.
  7. Ok thank you and I don’t think ima keep looking for that one app that keeps coming up since all scanners came back clean
  8. Ok so I ran the scan everything went good but when I was gonna exit out it sent me to some type of Kernal or command prompt type thing but I didn’t know what to put so I just had to force restart my pc would that mess up my system or no?
  9. Ok I just want to make sure because I want to get this gpu and it might be used so I just want to go the safe route and make sure everything is ok.
  10. Ok I’ll make sure to try those things to hunt down the process and thank you very much for helping me out and one thing before this topic ends I was reading a little bit on back doors on computer systems and I was wondering if any virus scanner can detect them like malwarebytes or do you need a special tool to detect that and also can a back door be set on a gpu or a cpu because I might upgrade my parts and I might get at least one used part to make it cheaper and I want to know if it’s possible for the hardware itself to get backdoors.
  11. So it said the scan didnt find no virus does that mean im safe and what could that app be.
  12. Epic games is a game launcher it’s mandatory for like Fortnite and stuff but I’ll make sure to turn off the startup for it but now that that’s out of the way what could explain that one app I showed on the screen shot.
  13. It didnt run as administraitor and for the options hide empty locations and hide windows entries was selected by itself so I left it like that because it was set by default.
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