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  1. Greetings,

    Excuse me for not completely understanding my premium subscription with 2 device's expires in 53 days so if I add 1 more device to my current subscription.. that extra device will apply until my July 20 renewal ..and then on my due date i will be charged for 3 device's for and additional year ? right now to add that extra device you guys want to charge me $52 with my current 2 device's is this until July 20-2021 and then how much after will it be for 3 device's ?



  2. Greetings,


    I don't know if I'm posting in the right category,I currently have a Premium Subscription  with 2 device's and want to add and additional device on top of my 2 current device. I'm due for auto renewal in 59 days if I add and additional device will that extent all 3 device's with License key to the my next flowing renewal from 59 days now ? also I'm auto renewal so I just don't want to be charge twice if i renew my current with and  additional device to my current subscription that i have now  ..Hope this all makes sense :)

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