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  1. Thank you for your kind follow up. I have successfully downloaded the Malwarebytes Browser Guard. I am reluctant to order a further package as I have already paid for one. My problem is that I don't have an activation code nor do I have a record of any previously registered account which leaves me with as paid for subscription that I cannot access. I have registered a new account which has given me access to this forum. Where do I go from here, please?
  2. I have was charged for a two year renewal subscription on the 6th May 2021 from Amsterdam but cannot find any link, key or reference to the software on my present computer. I have checked Task Manager, Device Manager and Control Panel and can find nothing. It may be because I am now using a different laptop to the one my first two year subscription was applied for in 2019 that I am no longer being protected. The old laptop is now well and truly dead. How can I get the software on my new laptop, please.
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