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  1. hey, how should I remove FRST tool, MBAR, adware cleaner safely from my laptop? please tell me the process.
  2. Nothing comes up for this command. I think its a good sign, right?
  3. Windows PowerShell Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Try the new cross-platform PowerShell https://aka.ms/pscore6 PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-AppxPackage *uhelpshow* PS C:\Windows\system32>
  4. as it was only for edge quick launch. I performed the fix. as the kmmxw folder was already removed by the previous fix. so it was not found. i think the problem has gone away. as the extension is not showing in edge extensions and also the folder is also not there in program data. but i will monitor for some time. so please dont close the thread Fixlog.txt
  5. i think the previous fix has worked, the extension is not showing in egde and the folder is also not there in program data. but i will wait for 1 hour and restart and see if the problem is gone completely or not. for removing the uhelpshow, i have done it 100 times already once i remove it , it comes after 30 minutes so . this used to happen. but lets see if it comes now or not. i will let you know in some time. if it comes, i will do the new fix you provided.
  6. hey in the fix you provided, the following line C:\ProgramData\Kmmxw\Xyaczs\3AC0A560 on my laptop, folder Xyaczs has changed to Nyxbh rest are same Kmmxw and 3AC0A560 what should i do? fix with your fixlist or you gonna make a new custom fix?
  7. He had the same problem like me. His moderator is talking about shortcut.txt file . I think you should also check this. although i am gonna first do the fix you shared above. As his problem is resolved that is why i am sharing this with you
  8. mbar-log-2021-06-04 (13-42-07).txtsystem-log.txt mbar anti rootkit removed it but after restarting it came up again with different name. frst scan done after mbar. all logs are attached. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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