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  1. Hi Maurice Thanks for the link! Have seen it already. It seems like I can only see the blocks of ad networks and trackers if I am currently on the site. What about those in the history, aka those in my previous screenshot? If I click on 'Malware', there does not seem to be more information on eg, the sites and type of malware blocked. There is also one particular website which I access and the count will show an additional malware blocked, but current page shows nothing to block. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Quick question here - how can I possibly check from which websites the extension has blocked the 19 malware from so that I can know to avoid these websites in the future? Appreciate any guidance, thanks!
  3. Hi AdvancedSetup, Thanks for the help thus far! Just to let you know I will be a bit busy recently preparing for my exams for the next few weeks and thus will only be able to check in approx 3 weeks later - but I will do the scans and update on the results once my exams and busy season is over! Meanwhile I have blocked javascript from running for that particular website so that at least helps a bit as a short-term solution.. Thank you!
  4. I'm thinking if it might be something dropped onto my computer itself since both Chrome and Edge are getting these attacks, so it's not isolated to 1 browser only, but seems like the antiviruses are not detecting anything, which is real weird...
  5. Hi AdvancedSetup, Did it all, unfortunately the attacks are still occurring. Appreciate the assistance and looking forward for further advice, thank you!
  6. Do you think it would be ok to proceed on with the deletion as I seem to be unable to zip them - This profile actually seems to have been created when I was following the instructions yesterday and I recall being able to get to the Explorer page using the old method but I'll definitely do this! Also, do I have to do anything with Edge as well since I also got the attack when I did a google search on the same keywords?
  7. Hi AdvancedSetup, Seems like there is no Default folder in here?
  8. Oh dear, received these - I remember actually trying this out two days ago and I actually got to a page though, I'm not sure what happened. Any idea please?
  9. Hi AdvancedSetup, Apologies for the trouble - any idea why this is happening? I copied this direct and pasted it in run - %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\
  10. I have deleted iObit, so it shouldn't be an issue anymore. Downloaded Firefox, and this attack does not seem to happen in Firefox. Tried it with Chrome, still there - new realisation, when I search "kpop music fownload", making a spelling mistake on purpose, it still returns the web attack, so I'm thinking it might be the search results since they are similar/the same. I understand that using Firefox might circumvent the issue, but due to my schoolwork and my school's requirements on our work, Chrome still has to be my primary browser. Is there a way that I could still possibly get rid of this? Thank you!
  11. Hi AdvancedSetup, Have added the Malwarebytes Browser Guard, and also ran the Eset scanner. Came back with 1 detection that I know is safe - logs are attached. Appreciate any other advice as after doing the above the attack still happens.. I'm starting to feel a bit hopeless about the situation. I don't understand why the attack keeps happening even though I've left the site, and only happens when I search "kpop music downloads".. Feels like a keylogger to me that triggers the attack whenever I search the keywords. Looking forward to further assistance, thanks for your time! Eset Scanned logs.txt
  12. Hi AdvancedSetup, As instructed, ran the scan again and this time no pop-ups from Norton! Have attached the log for your review - I see some "Access denied" but I've disabled Norton already so hopefully that is fine...? Have also run the Chrome cleanup, on both my laptop and my mobile. Ran Malwarebytes and scan returned nothing again. However, tried the search again after the above steps and attack still happened. Would appreciate any further advice, thanks! It's 3am on my side so I gotta disappear for some hours to get some sleep, have had some sleepless nights over this. Thanks in advance for the assistance, AdvancedSetup! Really do appreciate it since I'm such a tech noob and get so much anxiety over these issues. Fixlog.txt MWB2.txt
  13. Hi, noted, will disable Norton & Malwarebytes and run scan again. Should I delete the previous Fixlog file? Apologies for the trouble and appreciate your patience!
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