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  1. Hi AdvancedSetup, The update feature seems to be working fine now. However, I did not make any changes at my end. Was there a fix released for this issue? If not, I have no idea how the problem went away, but I am thankful nevertheless. I appreciate your help. Thank you. Svas.
  2. Hi AdvancedSetup, Thank you for your reply. I have followed your instructions and am sending you the zip file. The problem still exists after MB was reinstalled. It gives false assurance to the users stating that MB is up-to-date. In fact, if you disconnect from the internet and then check for updates, it still shows up-to-date. Svas.mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Hi All, I am experiencing a weird problem with Malwarebytes Free version Update package version 1.0.40722 Component package version 1.0.1292. When I click "Check for updates" either under General tab or About tab, MB shows "Malwarebytes is up to date". The problem is that it shows this message even when I am offline and also when I intentionally block MB in my firewall. Please advise. Svas.
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