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  1. Hello. First a bit of background on my problem. I was playing agar.io, you probs know what that is, and i got a lot of bots that seemed to originate from one website. This site was agarbot.ovh . I went to see on that site why all the bots came from there, and it immediately showed my ip. I backed out of the site, and it seemed like everything was fine, until one min later, where i was asked to solve a captcha by google because i had sent a lot of requests. I immediately scanned my pc, but neither malwarebytes premium, nor browserguard defended me against that site. The captcha could be just a
  2. Nicolas6


    Also i'm sorry if this is in the wrong board, but this is the only board i found for BG.
  3. Nicolas6


    Hello, i'm sure all of you have seen the announcement post for the malwarebytes browserguard. I have one tiny question about this though. HOW do you manage to get 160 blocked malware downloads, 459 scam blocks, and 15 pup- blocks in ONE WEEK. Check attachement for the file i'm talking about. This was shown in the post for introducing MBG. What types of sites are you on to get THAT much malware and pup's?? Do you watch p*rn on shady websites all day or what? Also why is their cookie amount so low? I have like 20k blocked cookies in one week (terraria wiki, you get 50 blocked cookies every ti
  4. Ps sorry if this is in the wrong board, i couldn't find any other place to do it.
  5. Hello there, I have a few random questions for malwarebytes. 1. Did malwarebytes ever get hacked? 2. Did malware ever sneak past your security? (I mean a virus/ malware that is known to you, not an unknown virus) 3. When does malwarebytes detect something as a treat? (When it's downloaded, when it's executed,...) 4. Why can't the free users have real - time scanning? 5. Why do scans take so much longer on a free version than on a premium? (Experienced it firsthand) I would be really happy if you could answer these questions for me.
  6. Seriously? I didn't know this. It was my favorite program back then. I also liked his jokes :)
  7. NVM it worked, it just said it could be dangerous.
  8. Hello everyone, I have a little problem. I can't seem to download the program called BonziBuddy. I have no idea why. It helped me a lot during the days of windows 95 en 97. It is being blocked by windows defender aswell? Can anyone help me?
  9. Nicolas6

    Help me pls

    Anyway gtg now. I hope you can figure out what's wrong by tomorrow. (Do note that i'm not pushing you, i'm just saying. I tend to come over as rude and pushy.)
  10. Nicolas6

    Help me pls

    @gonzo Well now i'm stuck. I can't edit or view the file myself, and neither can you because i can't send it. Only thing i can now do is link from drive :https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-QeMo2yaM-Y-RutZHM1ba6oxMxs7oFEw/view?usp=sharing
  11. Nicolas6

    Help me pls

    Hey, (I finally remembered my chromebook account password, so now i'm typing from my chromebook), the files can't be uploaded. The file extension is wrong. It's jsonl and that's not allowed.
  12. Ok, i'll do it this evening. It isn't the rootkit scanning that takes so long though, it's the last step.
  13. Ok, i'll do it once i get home. It can take a while though. The scans usually take 45 -90 mins.
  14. Sorry, i'm not really an expert here. Is it any different though? It just says Riskware.injector
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