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  1. NP. I reinstalled it and ran MB and got no false positives this time. Job well done! :)
  2. I have MB run a scan every night. Last night it detected a critical Roblox file, without which Roblox cannot run. At first, I thought I had played a game (I review games) that was a trojan, so I let MB quarantine the infection and restarted as required. Roblox wouldn't work after that. The file is located in the hidden, restricted folder WindowsApps. I uninstalled and reinstalled Roblox via MS Store and checked again - the same file was identified after I tried both games. I quarantined, restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled again, then immediately scanned. Same result. The log is attached to this post. It seems to me that this is a false positive, or else something else on my computer is infecting Roblox....Please assist. Roblox malware.txt
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