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  1. Hey so i do a scan every day, usually completely clean as i dont really go many places online and am very paranoid about clicking anything iffy. Today however i suddenly get a whole load of detections listed as "riskware injector generic" out of nowhere. Obviously i was startled by this and quarantined the lot of them straight away. I then started up a separate anti virus program to do a total sweep through my system (which has come up clean) and began looking up who else was getting this and what happened Now from all the activity here, am i to assume this was a database bug and all these detections are infact false positives of perfectly normal files? They all seem to be listed as "registry key" and "file" types and all seem to be named windows and microsoft files, just like everyone else's reports here My main question is if these really are just a false positive bug on malwarebyte's end, what do i do about the files i just quarantined? Do i simply restore them or do i need to do as some mods here have said and "reboot my computer first, then restore them"? I just need to double check very clearly if this was infact safe and what should i do now cus i'm just worried i might bork up my computer if i reboot it with possibly important files still isolated away or if rebooting first is an actually important step
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