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  1. Well a very big thank you again Kevin.
  2. I think I have done most of the things you requested. This has been a most exhausting experience for me Do you think we are done?
  3. Morning Kevin System seems stable, Bing has not made any appearance and YmovieView is gone fro Google extensions. One thing I have noticed in Task Manager there were 3 icon cogs with nothing written next to them listed in Background Processes. Now they are gone? Looks like you have done a great job on cleaning up my system thanks very much for all your time and effect Brian
  4. Thanks again. Sorry already deleted all qurantine files. It's been a long day, tired now.............you too? Think my system is pretty clean now. Continue tomorrow? Night/Morning Brian
  5. Thanks Kevin Delete all quarantine files?
  6. Addition_20-05-2021 00.03.27.txt FRST_20-05-2021 00.03.27.txt Shortcut_20-05-2021 00.03.27.txt
  7. rebooted and scanned4 detections 4 Detections.txt
  8. Now 10 threats also qurantined 10 threats.txt
  9. Just did a scan with Malwarebytes and I now have 57 threats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 57 threats!.txt
  10. SophosVirusRemovalTool.log Fixlog.txt
  11. Just done a scan on Malwarebytes and NO threats found! Cannot find the FRST report I have 2 other problems which you maybe able to help with. YmovieView extension i FRST_19-05-2021 10.44.25.txt
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