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  1. https://github.com/gmanc2/comp/blob/main/registry.txt
  2. A while ago I had a advanced R.A.T that stole several of my accounts and bank. I reset windows and wiped my hard-drive but recently my bank locked me out for security issues and it makes me think it could've persisted across wipes. I have a YubiKey assigned to any account that accepts it but I left it in like an idiot one day. I've seen a nameless program pop up during shutdown but I'm certain it's from Razer Cortex. I was hoping to get advice from the hivemind about what I can do to be safe and what's the likely-hood after running the list down below that I would still have a security breach? I've done the following: I've talked with Malware Bytes support and they assured me that my computer was clean but again I need to make sure. I made an FBI report as-well as a Police Report ESET NOD32 ANTI-ROOTKIT Malware Bytes RKill FRST ESETPoweliksCleaner I will upload a gist for my registry once its finished its a huge file obviously. process.txt Firewall-FULL.csv Firewall-IN.csv Firewall-OUT.csv
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