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  1. Hi, sorry, I havn't tried the last thing you suggested. There are so many problems with the computer. Can you tell me, if the problem you are talking about, will be fixet if I reset the PC, and starts over with it ?? Or would I still need to run all the tests above, to remove the trouble you can see.??
  2. I think so... I run the Malwarebyte scan (before I read your post just now), and put all threats i quarantine. And now i have just run the Microsoft defender quick scan, it says 0 threats :)
  3. Thanks, here is the Fixlog :) Fixlog.txt
  4. Thank you SO much!! It works now - I can open it all again in 'normal mode' :D system-log.txt mbar-log-2021-05-18 (21-25-32).txt
  5. normal windows mode mbar-log-2021-05-18 (20-54-48).txt system-log.txt
  6. these two is from 'safe mode' ... mbar-log-2021-05-18 (20-26-09).txt system-log.txt
  7. Okay, I will try that. Right now I cant go to your page in 'regular windows mode' , as the browser shuts down when writing 'malwarebytes' so I can only acces the page from here (in windows safe mode)... I'll get back when I have tried it all :)
  8. Here you go, and thank you :) AdwCleaner[C01] log.txt
  9. I can't open up the program _ when I open it, it shuts down instant! and when I type "malwarebytes" , in the search engine, chrome or any other browser crashes and close everything... mbst-grab-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
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