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  1. Oh just one more question, when I double clicked the file I don’t know if it opened because Malwarebytes and avast started blocking it. But I’m really not sure if it opened or not, if it opened did it only infect my pc or did it also infect my internet?
  2. Oh wow, I’m happy that I reset my pc and all my passwords immediately after. Thank you so much for helping me and for replying fast every time, I really appreciate it. Have an amazing day, and again thank you for helping me and other people!
  3. Hi, This is the file, if it asks for a password it is: blogger Best regards. blogger_preroll.promo_video.mp4.zip
  4. Hi, Should I upload the file here for review, or is that something you guys don’t because it can be dangerous? Best regards.
  5. Hello, Thank you for the reply! As I said, I reset my pc after I opened it just to be safe. I just want to know what happens when you open a .scr file if it’s a virus, I still have the file if needed for testing. Is this the wrong forum to ask this? Best regards.
  6. Hello, To make a long story short, I opened a .scr file. It was all my fault I should have been more careful, but when I googled it it said a .scr file was a screensaver for animations and stuff. But after opening it nothing happened and I googled it again but with the word virus after it and there it was. I immediately put important files on google drive and reset my pc after that, changed most of my passwords but I can’t stop thinking about it. What could the .scr file have done? Stole all my passwords and files or was it supposed to lock my computer and make me pay to get my fil
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