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  1. Hi Bob, Your suggestion of downloading and installing KB4474419 did the trick. It not only installed correctly but to my surprise and amazement automatically installed the Malwarebytes program upon rebooting. Thank you all you guys for the assistance you have given this computer dummy over the past 24 hours of frustration. Please consider now this situation fully resolved. All the very best, thank you and stay safe, Rhon.
  2. Hi Dave & Maurice, Thanx for your help with this matter. Dave you have just confirmed what I was suspecting that this update was not available for Windows 7. Unfortunately my wife will have to do now without Malwarebytes, pity. All the best, Rhon.
  3. Hi Maurice, Thanx for your suggestion concerning Windows 10, however my wife is very much a traditionalist and not for too much change unless really necessary. Back to my initial question do I download and install "Security Update for Windows 2003x64 Edition (KB2286198)" for Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system? Thanx for your time.
  4. Thanx Dave for your most speedy reply. Do I download and install "Security Update for Windows 2003x64 Edition (KB2286198)" one?
  5. I have one remaining license on my subscription and attempting to download this app to my wife's computer. She is running Windows 7 which as you know is no longer supported by Microsoft as far as updates are concerned. I am stopped each time because a certain Windows Security Update KB2286198 is not present. I can't find this update anywhere in order to install. How can I correct this? My knowledge of computers is somewhat limited, Thank you.
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