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  1. Plik: 1 Malware.AI.1318749591, C:\USERS\ROBERT\APPDATA\ROAMING\.MINECRAFT\VERSIONS\1.12.2\NATIVES\LWJGL.DLL, Brak akcji, 1000000, 0, 1.0.45000, DE3F9F4C16B461AB4E9A8597, dds, 01425064, 2644C73A80EB9F9FB7F81A2A5E546642, FFF711369747E9BB3656D4C5BDEE7051BBC13F30ABD634418BF40706A25F365C Virustotal returns nothing https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/fff711369747e9bb3656d4c5bdee7051bbc13f30abd634418bf40706a25f365c/detection Delete and worry about it or not?
  2. I see but nothing is wrong? I thought that program is broken and it turns on trial over and over. Anyway thanks for help and sorry for a problem :)
  3. So Malwarebytes turns me on automatically premium trial, tommorow my trial ended and now it is activted again. I've got nothing against free AV packet but I've got another AV (I use Malwarebytes as additional scanner to check is everything is okay). How I can turn of premium trial after update?
  4. Now it only detects uninstallers. I think to turn off this function. But thanks :)
  5. Okay I didn't put them in quarantine but please someone to add them if they are really fps
  6. So I wouldn't delete them and they aren't malware?
  7. Hi I have another scan with updated version of Malwarebytes, it detected few things Which of them are fale positives and which are malware? Or all are jus false positives? Please help
  8. Thanks, I restored them :) I don't know why it was happening, I've got this program for long time and it was never detected
  9. I deleted it if it was fp is there any chances to get it back? It is program uninstaller so it would be hard to uninstall this
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