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  1. I think I might know the problem, I had just purchased another seat for another computer today, so the Paypal payment might still be in progress somehow, although I already got an email confirmation that it went through several hours ago. Maybe its related to this, if tomorrow I can't still update the email, I'll submit a ticket, thanks.
  2. Yep, that is what I tried, but the email address field is greyed out and it won't let me change it.
  3. I go to settings, then profile, and the email field it's greyed out, won't let me change it.
  4. Hi, I'm referring to my account tied to the product, not the forums. thanks
  5. Hi, I would like to update the email address in my account, but when I go to settings it's greyed out and it won't let me. Thanks
  6. Hi, Thanks very much, I'll try it the way you mentioned.
  7. Hi All! First time posting so forgive me if this is not the right category for the topic. I know this has been discussed a few times before, but I fell there isn't an absolute answer yet. I have both programs with paid versions, I really like both, and certainly Malwarebytes has helped me in the past to get rid of some very resilient malwares that other antiviruses did not detect or were not able to remove. So my situation is this: I did find previous posts about having them running together, and I added the recommended exclusions on Bitdefender to stop it from interfering with Malwarebytes. I was asking Bitdefender customer support about what files I need to add to the allow list in Malwarebytes to do the same thing and have Malwarebytes not interfering with Bitdefender. What I was told is that there aren't any exclusions needed for this to work, I just have to completely disable all 4 realtime protection modules in Malwarebytes: - Web Protection - Malware Protection - Ransomware Protection - Exploit Protection So, would this be correct from your experience? couldn't I just turn off the web protection one and be fine? Is there anything else to do to make sure of maximum compatibility? Is there really no files & web addresses from Bitdefender that I could add to Malwarebytes allow list to make this work better? What about Browser Guard from Malwarebytes, will this interfere with Bitdefender? Any helps is really appreciated, Thanks
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