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  1. many thanks. that is great news. first time this has ever happened, so want to make sure everything is right. Is it possible to know when these malicious paths were first discovered? Those paths do not exist, but we are aware of an old problem (August 2020) so I am just wondering how long these reports hang around, are they not automatically rescanning and updating the status on? it shows the malicious path that doesnt exist, I am suspecting this was logged a while ago, but then it shows headers etc which are based on the live page, as a new scan is diverted to a standard
  2. can anyone help? How do i contact support for help?
  3. Hi please can someone help, we have had our website cleaned recently and the website has been secured, cleaned and there are no reports locally. malware bytes browser plugin on firefox, maybe other apps show the site as being infected. www.thepartycompany.co.uk as far as i can see the website is clean? can someone help? thanks Dave
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