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  1. Kevin Thank you so much for your help I am waiting for the MSERT scam to finish than I will do what you suggest Thank you!!!
  2. Yup I am a professional everything I have on my PC is licensed
  3. I cleaned up my pc last week and re-installed everything
  4. but now it disappeared again
  5. I just opened Autocad to get some work done while scanning and he is back
  6. It has been running for 40 min there is still a long way to go :(
  7. I did run FRST, first thing I did now running MSERT as you suggested
  8. AdwCleaner log AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  9. Thank you Malawarebytes scan found nothing, therefore no detection history to send I will do what you next suggested in your list I think if I run Autocad the process Beast.exe is back but it kind of freezes my pc, I am not sure I can run a scan after running Autocad
  10. SearchReg.txt Thank you!|
  11. Hello Kevin Thank you so much for your quick reply I noticed that the process is triggered when I open Autodesk Autocad program if that might help please find attached the files you asked for ant again thank you so much for your help Santjago FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. Good morning, I just found out that there is this process beast.exe running on my PC (not always) As far as I can understand this is not something good at all but it seems that MALAWAREBYTES which I have installed can not spot it. (See attached image) What do you suggest me to do? Thank you in advance for any piece of advice. New fresh install is something I did two weeks ago and I would like to avoid it Thank you!
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