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  1. Thank you Exile, for taking the time to respond. Sadly I cannot maintain an active internet, but your explanation tells me why I have to re enter my data. Those of us on the bottom of the Eastern shore of Maryland at the Bay, hope to have fiber next year. Until then I have to connect via hot spot. Again thanks for this info. Thanks, Giada
  2. I have seen some screwy crap before but this is three time saround in two years where Malwarebytes needed to be activated? Today May 11,2021 I returned home to find both Malwarebytes needed to have the ID and Key reinstalled and Windows Defender Anti Virus disabled. My PC does NOT have a connection to any internet, to do that it needs me to use a HOT SPOT from my phone. I was on the PC this morning all was fine. Came home took it out of Hibernate to see Malyware needed my ID and Key info? how is that even possible? Add to that Windows Defender Anti Virus was disabled. I am lost as to why. Thanks, Giada
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