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  1. Hello, Would you mind checking again? This link and the account associated has been shut down and the data has been purged! Thank you!
  2. Do you have a timeline on when this block will be removed? I would like to let my user know so they can run their survey with reassurance
  3. Got it! How can I remove this block? Are there any other phishing links using that domain? Thank you!
  4. Hello! Sorry to bother again, my user is still getting this error message: Is this just because the removal hasn't full processed yet or is there still a block somewhere? Thank you!
  5. Hello thisisu, Could you please let me know if you're still flagging our domains? I have Alchemer users reporting they're running into more security errors and I want to make sure the flagging isn't coming from here. Thank you!
  6. Hello, Thanks so much for sending those over! I was able to track down the source of those phishing links and shut down the accounts associated. This will stop them from creating more phishing surveys and also purged all of the data that's been collected. Could you let me know when we're no longer flagged? Thank you! Calum
  7. Hello, My name is Calum Johnson and I am a Technical Support Representative and on the Anti-Phishing for Alchemer. We are an online survey company that sends email campaigns and provides survey links on behalf of our customers. One of our customers who uses you is reporting that a lot of their links are not working because our domains: app.alchemer-ca.com, .i.alchemerca.com, https://app.alchemer.com appear to be calculated as false positives on your site. In cases where we detect a dirty email list we notify the customer, and for any repeat instances we remove their email p
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