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  1. I guess the Windows uninstaller thingy could be malware? but otherwise your AI is picking up pieces of the OS as false positives (yesterday it got my bluetooth adaptor), which is probably not a good sign. That reptinst thing appears to be a freeware graphics editor I downloaded centuries ago and never used. So better chance that one is real, but I have no idea. reptinst.7z UNWISE.7z malwarebytes 2021-05-11.txt
  2. I'm sorry if it wasn't clear, but I was hoping for some advice on this. Should I reboot? Can I cancel the deletion?
  3. As I said in my post, I can't unquarantine anything.
  4. Malwarebytes AI doesn't like my bluetooth adaptor, including a process, a file, and 2 registry keys. I can't remove them from quarantine to attach them, because it has them set to delete on reboot and I can't find a way to cancel that. I don't know if the quarantined versions will still be there after, so I haven't rebooted. This seems likely to be a false positive, but I guess I can't say for sure. Any help, please? malwarebytes 2021-05-10.txt
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