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  1. I forgot to ask if it would be OK to leave Firefox open then use the other browser?
  2. I installed the Malwarebytes extension on Firefox, I do not know any other browser that it can be installed, Is OK to try Microsoft Edge, is there a extension to install in it?
  3. Attacking my browser, attempts at outbound almost every time I access a site esp Malwarebytes. I want it removed so I installed Malwarebytes, last member that covered this subject was Maurice Naggar, here: https://is.gd/HZzg8m. He suggested I install the support tool in his post and upload the resulting ZIP File to the forum, said that he was not on 24/7. Quarantined-Malware.AI.2706407661(05-09-21).txt mbst-grab-results.zip
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