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  1. Yeah, man that is totally what happens on my phone too. My ever messed up phone from Assurance Wireless also a U693CL model. It has more problems than all the phones that I have ever owned combined and this same crap is always manifesting itself whenever I use that possessed device.
  2. Yeah doing a factory reset and running the Updates was a very temporary fix if you can call it that at all. It only meant more work for me in placing my phone into the very same undesired and unwanted state..back to square one and it changed nothing in the device at all, it seemed to make it ever more present in any browser window that I set up and activated and applied to my phone. A never ending circle of nonsense and all that time wasted towards essentially going nowhere fast. Arrgh.
  3. The very same problem has been manifesting itself all over my UMX U693CL Assurance Wireless issued phone as well. Many Thanks to all involved with this comment thread and the process of eliminating this preprogrammed malware, I will attempt the factory reset action A.S.A.P. then come back and post my findings and it's effectiveness.
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