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  1. I updated MB and was able to compile just now onto my arduino Uno. I updated the AVR boards package, and used both Arduino IDE 2.0 beta-5 as well as the normal supported 1.8.13 IDE. Seems as though the problem is fixed for me, I didn't have MB ignore anything and it seems to now recognize those .exes as safe. I'll keep checking to see if anyone else reports back or if Epistemon hears back on their support ticket.
  2. avocado123 Did this just start happening for you today? Maybe since it's an AI it has picked up some item that causes it to be a flagged as a virus now. Good to hear I'm not the only one.
  3. Hi, I use Arduino a lot for development and today MB started blocking 'avr-g++.exe'. There wasn't an update that I know about making this program new or anything, and looking at the Arduino main release notes their 1.8.13 release was put out in June 2020. I'm not sure if the Malware.AI was updated recently and that caused it to start blocking the avr-g++.exe or if there is something I should actually be worried about. I tried reinstalling the library as well as deleting and reinstalling, and looking through the Arduino avr core Github page and found that 'avr-g++' is specif
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