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  1. Hi @mbam_mtbr, I've cleared storage data and also selected the 'all data stores by sites' option. The remaining option is to choose 'Clear all data' which it says will clear all data used by Chrome including account, bookmarks and web settings. Though I think this would just be mobile bookmarks, which is fine. So far, doing the first two seems to have cleared the problem as I've waited for a while and can't see the problem favicon appearing anymore. If it does appear again, I'll give the total data clear option a try and hopefully that does sort it. Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. Thanks @mbam_mtbr, I couldn't see an option to clear storage but there was an option to clear data. I think it would remove all my stored information such as bookmarks and things. Is this the option you mean? Or should I log out of my Google account first so it doesn't affect this?
  3. Hi @mbam_mtbr, Thanks for your reply. The image still appears any time I close and open a new tab or window and go on Google. Could it just be a cosmetic hack showcasing some software's brand over Google's one? Is there a way to remove it if this is the case? Thanks
  4. Hi, Recently, I clicked on a website that I soon recognised was compromised and it seems since then, the Google favicons on my android sometimes randomly change to the 1web/iweb(?) one pictured. It doesn't redirect my webpage and nothing else seems affected. I can't see any random apps that have been installed and I've cleared my cache and data from the last few days. Malwarebytes and AVG also aren't picking up any issues. Does anyone recognise the logo and know what it is, or have advice for how to remove it? I'm mainly concerned about it being able to monitor my internet activ
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