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  1. Here is the scan results. Pog.txt
  2. Oh crap, it also seems like Phorpiex didn't come back after restart! Thats one big step!
  3. I'm assuming this is what you wanted, it asked me to restart so I did and now its there. Fixlog.txt
  4. Doing this right now! Thank you so much!
  5. I got it, took a while to scan. Clean.txt
  6. I'm updating right now, I will give you the results soon.
  7. Here are the results it gave. mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. Ok, it said no Malware Found because I had already had it removed today (it comes back pretty much every day). Should I restart then do another scan with Phorpiex on my PC? mbar-log-2021-07-26 (17-19-39).txt system-log.txt
  9. Whenever a scan has any threats detected I immediately quarantine an remove, I have also been doing it this whole time. My friend said that the Trojan can redownload itself.
  10. Also ever since I've had this problem my computer won't go to sleep, do you think this is because of Phorpiex? Someone on Discord said that it could've messed with my PC.
  11. Sorry for the wait, I've got the report for you. Phorpiex 2.txt
  12. I am trying these right now, thank you for replying. Means alot.
  13. So when I got back from Summer Camp I hop back onto my PC to start playing video games, but when I get on I do a scan just in case. It says 4 threats detected so I have them quarantined and removed, next day when I restart and scan it says 4 threats detected. What it is detecting is Phorpiex, every time I restart or sleep the computer the file named "MMAHHPWYFN" comes back. That file is what is being detected, is there any way to stop it from coming back every time I sleep or restart? It gets really annoying. Phorpiex.txt Thank you, Alec
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