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  1. I understand that you have provided me with a canned response. I get it. However, I had to remove Malwarebytes just to get to the internet. And it was identifying internet threats even after it shut down the internet and all browser were closed. Must Malwarebytes be installed for the prescribed tool to work?
  2. Malwarebytes has blocked my connection to the internet from every browser and apparently from all apps as Windows 10 reported that I was not connected to the internet. I received constant popups warning me that Firefox, svchost, etc. were malware and had been blocked. Malwarebytes had been working without issue since I installed it on January 6th, but today not at all. Firefox installed an update when I opened it this morning. That's the only thing that has changed since yesterday. I had to uninstall Malwarebytes to get to the internet so that I could post this message. Help, please.
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