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  1. Perhaps I'm a techno-neanderthal (certainly being treated like a cretin) coz I don't know where is support job ticket forum.... Colby (Support) May 6, 2021, 17:13 PDT Welcome to Malwarebytes support, my name is Colby and I'll be assisting you with ticket 3453537. Your original renewal date was always May 3, 2022. When you added privacy protection on May 30, 2020 it was for a prorated amount based on the time left on your original term. The $40.19 AUD was for May 30, 2020 - May 3, 2021 on that date it then charges you the full amount for premium + privacy, which is $11
  2. You need to escalate your action on support tickets 3453537 and 3454538, NO ACK in two days. Malwarebytes action items are listed below:- 1. Partial refund to reduce from 5 devices to 2 devices (1 Android, 1 Windows) 2. Full refund and cancellation of Malwarebytes Privacy (changed terms mid-stream - very disappointed) 3. Complaint that autopayment was taken by Malwarebytes without authorisation Concerning 3., who made updates to credit card details - wasn't me, card expired, and updates incorrect. Awaiting Malwarebytes action commensurate with Malwarebytes breach of autopa
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