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  1. Thank you, Thomas. Appreciate your thoughts. Helps rule out several possibilities. As I had no reason, nor any inclination to root around in esoteric email settings, another possible suspect for the new behavior is the macOS update. Casual searching so far has not found any other reports of issues like mine. Finally, and perhaps more likely, as a user of AT&T email, I have seen their struggle to stay afloat. The telling sign is seen in the URL now used: "currently.att.yahoo.com"! Looks more like a floating crap game than a stable operation. Thanks for your prompt and thorough reply.
  2. For the first time in using my email account on a Mac over ten years, yesterday got a message after sending an email about my certificate not being secure. I verified the email was actually sent and received. Poking around the messages, the trail seemed to lead to a TLS certificate. When I clicked a box saying "Always trust" the problem message vanished. However, now all my outgoing emails from this account have a new line just below the To line in the header. It says: "Security: [a check mark in a small black badge] Signed: (Douglas M. Johnson)" Since my only recent change has been to b
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