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  1. Hello, Domain: api.ngo.pl IP: Logs: {"@timestamp": "2021-05-06T11:01:42.764Z", "message": "ANY: Just matched "api.ngo.pl" in database: "mbgc.db.trojan", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2021-05-06T11:01:42.764Z", "message": "BTW: malware (trojan) match found on http://www.ngo.pl/ for https://api.ngo.pl/css/app.css?_=0.10.1", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2021-05-06T11:01:42.778Z", "message": "OM: Malware (malware) detection on https://api.ngo.pl/css/app.css?_=0.10.1. Redirecting to block page.", "level": "INFO"} {"@timestamp": "2021-05-06T11:01:42.7
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