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  1. Thanks for the link, unfortunately I couldn't even follow that link correctly and somehow uninstalled my Premium MB. I had to reinstall MB but of course the quarantined file is not listed anymore. I hope I didn't need it. Thanks anyway. At least I got a fresh install of MB.
  2. Was instructed yesterday to :" Please zip and attach the detected file and log where the detection is displayed. Thanks!" Can someone please tell this old man how to do this ? The file quarantined was: Malware.AI.1029088410 on a windows 10 operating system. Thanks and sorry for any trouble.
  3. I am a computer dummy and new to the forums. Long time user of MB premium I've just never had to do this. Can you tell me how I need to do the zip ? I Think I can attach it if I can get the zip part explained. I'm also an old guy. Thanks for your help.
  4. Item detected and placed in Quarantine File named; Malware.AI.1029088410 I see a lot of Malware.AI topics is this something that is real or is it being fixed by MB. Thanks
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