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  1. Since removing NetLimiter and updating MalwareBytes to I'm no longer BSOD on startup or afterwards so far. Cheers for the tip on Netlimiter, didn't even cross my mind that might be a cause. Thanks for the help Exile,
  2. The file should be in my first post. Unless it didnt upload correctly
  3. I don't think PIA is the sole cause. Before posting, I tried everything. I even uninstalled PIA completely and was still getting BSOD with Web Protection Enabled
  4. I changed to small packets in PIA I BSOD pretty much as soon as I turned Web Protection on. About 10-20 seconds.
  5. Hey support team, Since April 11th I constantly BSOD on startup whenever I logged in. Checking forums I found web protection may be the cause and proceeded to turn off and the BSOD stopped. I checked the mini-dump files and found that mwac.sys was causing the issue through windows debug. Since then I've carried out a clean install of Malwarebytes using the support tool and it was still Blue screening, decided to keep web protection off. Over the course of April I randomly turned web protection on to see if the problem was resolved with any updates. It was not. Things I've
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